Todd Kramer is an actor, voice artist, writer and trainer based on two continents. He is a presenter an international male model and a commercial fisherman. Todd is a driver, teacher, stand-up, writer and cameraman. He’s a proud father of two (beautiful girls) and a student of Kabbalah. He is a pirate and a lion and has lived in Europe for 20 years. He is a dual citizen. Todd is a part-time farmer and a full-time friend, a surfer and singer. He is good at some things, great at others, excellent at a select few and won’t go near those things of which it has long ago been established that he is awful. Todd is not a “cat-person”. He wishes he had learned more guitar when he was younger but plays harmonica instead because it was easier to learn. He speaks Spanish and Czech and can fake German and he tells people he speaks Russian. He thinks he can speak Italian but he can’t. He can’t speak French either but, for some reason, can read it. He is also learning Hebrew but it’s difficult so he might quit. He’s travelled to many places and lived in many more. His hobbies include beaching, jaw-jacking and improvising. He’s a deft video editor and he can run a 3.5 minute mile in about 15 minutes. He’s, “all about saving a buck“. He is extremely well organized and gives good advice but rarely takes any. Todd is trusted by children and passionate about unity.
Todd always lies about his age but never about his biography.