I grew up in Oceanside California on the sunny Southern California coast and one of the best surfing beaches in the world. I moved to Los Angeles when he was 18 to attend Loyola Marymount University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts (directing). LA is where a lot of his formative personal and professional experiences started but somehow even a city of 18 million people quickly became insufficiently interesting so, eventually, he decided to move on. Modeling is what initially took him to Europe and kindled his interest in travel.
Todd started to pursue a master’s in creative non-fiction writing. He journeyed back to Europe and began writing about his travels. He ended up living in Prague and shortly after, began working again in his first love, the theatre.

 In California, Todd had been a bartender, commercial fisherman, school teacher, dog trainer, children’s party entertainer, limousine driver, model, waiter, student and occasionally, an actor. Prague however, was easier somehow. The film industry was at its peak in those days. Many foreign production companies came and took advantage of some of the finest film production crews and facilities in the world (and all at Eastern European prices). Life in Europe represented a simpler approach to the entertainment industry and a better quality of life compared to what “Hollywood” had on offer. In Europe a person could work and live freely without the pressure and heaviness of life in America (which is an admittedly very un-American thing to say).

So, Todd stayed in Prague for a while. Long enough to learn Czech (which is a long time). He appeared scores of times on stage and screen, and in print and voice. Every job was engaging, every experience alluring, and it was in Prague that Todd honed his acting craft by taking on a variety of roles in a variety of productions. Today Toddcan claim himself to be a teacher, coach, cameraman, producer, manager, proofreader, journalist, best selling author , and even – most often – an actor.

Now, Todd finds himself in London, long enough to become a British citizen (which is a long time) and this is where he will stay. This website offers a glimpse into Todd Kramer’s years of professional work and his personal odysseys. Feel free to have a look  around.