Most people assume that because I am so tall, good-looking and non-Jewish white, that I can’t be funny. Well, those people have never heard my joke about the guy who walked into a bar with a chicken under each arm.

Comedy and humour has forever been a passion for me. It’s a wonderful tool for connecting people, changing moods, replacing one thing with another, protection and deflection and, of course just purely bringing joy and lightness to others. In fact, is there anything comedy can’t do??

I have been a comedian for most of my life and that all come to frution in high school where I was voted class clown senior year, won 2nd place with the California and went to Nationals for Humourous Interpretation.


Stand-up has always had a draw for me and I have been on and off of stages and in clubs since I was 25 years old. I’ve always done very well and, although I haven’t done much over the years or performed in a number of years, I still keep an active notebook full of ideas, jokes, and routines. I only have a couple of recordings from my time in the spotlight; including my first time on stage at a major comedy club (The Improv, Los Angeles).

Ironically, I was ready to reboot my stand-up career and had a booking at the famed Up The Creek comedy club in London for April of 2020… but 10 days before my slot, we were locked down. I’m considering coming back onto the scene again soon, so watch this space for potential updates.


There is no other performance based art form that is more interesting, exciting or entertaining than improvisational comedy. It has served as the foundation for dozens of TV shows over the years and has launched the careers of countless of our favorite actors/comedians.

More powerfully, improv is a skill that must be carefully developed over years and it comes with very specific rules. Those rules and the method behind improv, when properly learned and applied to performance, makes for excellent comedy. When applied to life, it makes for excellent human relations. I apply the lessons I learned from my 4+ years studying improv to my life, performance and teachings every day. They have never left me.

You can discover how I apply improv for performance here, and how it applies it to my connection coaching here.


I’ve always been interested in sketch comedy and have, on ocassion (and mostly just for fun) developed and produced some sketch comedy scenes and clips. Born out of my time in improv where I learned a lot about character and scene development, I’ve always had a dream to create a sketch comedy show. I actually did start to develop a show and shot a pilot for the Czech television market called Fakt Jo!  But it was a very stifling environment to try to pitch in (for a myriad of cultural reasons). Essentially, they weren’t ready for it. 

Perhaps someday I will revisit this ambition and see create a concept for British television. In the meantime, shows like Saturday Night Live, The Carol Burnett Show, Portlandia, The Tracey Ullman Show, Chappelle’s Show, Monty Python etc., etc., remain amongst my favorites.