My first role n actor was playing Teddy Bear #3 in my elementary school production of The Nutcracker at the age of seven. Since then, the roles have improved but my love for performing has remained. By the time I was ten, I took on the supporting role of Wicked Witch of the East in our production of The Wizard of Oz  (I was the only one who could do a good ‘cackle’). In my teens I performed in every show my schools would produce.

In high school I entered into competitive performance (yes, there was such a thing!) in the form of Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Speech and Debate. I won numerous awards and trophies in those years performing on weekends in various “competitions”. I even won second place at the California State Championships in Humorous Interpretation.


As an onscreen actor, I’ve appeared in such films as All The Old Knives, Hannibal Rising, and Tristan and Isolde, and television productions such as BBCs Dr.’ Who and Undercover. I have also featured in many TV commercials for brands like Halls, Toshiba, GHD, and more.

On stage I have played roles in The Tempest, Glenngarry Glenn Ross, The Pirates of Penzance, Macbeth, Wenceslas Square and others. I’ve have been based over the years in Los Angeles, Prague and London respectively and has a range from comedy to military to romantic lead.

A complete profile of credits can be found on IMDB


My professional actor’s showreel highlights my best and most recent, on-screen work. Showreels are an actor’s calling card.  They are quick and limited in scope. So, if you want to see more of my work in full for fun or for casting consideration, please head on over to my custom YouTube channel.


For over 25 years, I have been fortunate to be a part of many great projects and to have received a lot of wonderful opportunites to work on stage, screen and in sound. I’ve also worked with some greats both behind and in front of the camera and some truly lovely cast and crew along the way. Here you can review most of the work I have done over the years and DOWNLOAD my most recent CV (.pdf) for your consideration.


As every professional actor can tell you, commercials can be a fun and lucrative way to perform. They can also be a bit grueling from time to time but the lucky few actually get to do commercials that showcase their talents and allow for opportunites to tell a very short story in a very exciting way. I have been that lucky a handful of times myself. Here are a few samples of commercials I have made.


I am epresented  by Mandy Perryment Artists. Additionally, you can find my profiles online on Spotlight and IMDB.


Okay, so I am NOT technically a stunt man. However, considering how many stunts I have done while filming, maybe I should be receive an honorary certification! I have been shot, stabbed, hanged, ejected, beaten, eaten and turned into a hairball, just to name a few. Most of my stunt work however, has been confined to firearms, fights, driving and harness work. 


For nearly 25 years I’ve been getting professional photos taken. Headshots are the front line have always been instrumental to obtaining work. As any actor will tell you, looking for jobs is the job. Here are my current working actors headshots that I use to promote myself and to get the attention of casting directors, etc.

Below is a sampling of my “vintage headshots” (just for fun) from the past three decades. Like a timelapse of my personal ageing process – so hardly any change at all!

vintage headshots