To say that I am a musician may be something of a stretch, strictly speaking. However, I would say that I am very “musical”. Is there a difference?  I do play some instuments and have studied several (piano, violin, guitar) and I am a singer/song-writer who has fronted and performed in a few bands in my time. I also play a pretty mean blues harp!


I started singing in school choirs when I was twelve years old and I carried on with choir until the age of 18yrs. I loved my time in choir for the most part. Mostly because it was full of girls and we often got to get out of school and travel). However, certainly it was my time in choir that solidified my understanding for singing, voice and vocalization which I still use today. Even if most of my singing is done in the car.

Hey kids! Let’s play, Find The Choir Boy!
Can you spot young Todd Kramer in this group?

Hover over the image to see if you’re correct!


I have sung in numerous capacities on numerous occasions, and have even fronted a couple of bands in my day (but that’s another story!). To this day, I still lend my voice to projects, sit in with the odd band here and there and even perform live for audiences from time to time (Karaoke counts!). Here’s a couple of samples for your consideration.


I have written and co-written and re-written a number of songs. Most of the songs in the world however, I had nothing to do with those. Most often I would reconstruct the lyrics and correct grammar and pronunciation for non-native English speaking, European artists. I’ve also dabbled with a couple of children’s songs and a few other bits and bobs.

I usually collaborate with others and have no actual published songwriting credits to my name. Maybe I should have gotten a few…? 🤔

An example of a song and artists I worked with back in naughties.