Due to my disregard and disrespect for anyone trying to position themselves as an “authority”, my reluctance to act competively in a work environment, and that I am often quite strident in my opinions… Plus, being an artist first… well, sufficed to say, I don’t make the best employee. So, I have always had to work for myself either as a freelancer, entreprenuer, self-employed, independent contractor or some combination those three.


There have been many “foundings” over the years, all with varying degrees of success/failure. My first was a canine obdience business. Later, at the emergence of the digital age, I founded an online children’s book publisher for e-books. The idea was way ahead of the tech or the appetite at the time. I’ve also had a video production company in Prague, a theatre production project in London, and a couple of group coaching business. I’ve even dabbled in building an online hemp cooperative, and a bike rental and touring company in Croatia.

Each enterprise has been both an education and a joy while, at the same time, leaving a trail of limted liability company carcasses strewn across the US, EU and UK.