Essentially, I am  a connector of people and has grown to understand and recognize the benefits of building relationships that foster care and concern. Todd has tried (and sometimes failed) various endevours and along the way he has learned a great deal about what people need to feel happy. His passion is in disseminatating his method for this kind of connection. Combining years of study in connection and life experience with his performance training all cuminae into a training that can be used to bring unity and connection to every environment and all of that translates into his coaching work. 

This transformational coaching comes in the form of a method called “The Middle Line” developed as a means to connect people and overcome all differences. Todd has been studying for over a decade towards the development of this method and it is his mission to bring a means of unifiying all people together under a common recognition of the immediate necesity to come into care and concern for each other. The answers we seek must come from a place of balance. No more extremes from right or wrong, pro or con but rather, we must connect together on the middle line. For more information regarding this method, coaching services and other details please visit

Acting coach, instructor and director for nearly two decades. Todd has directed theatre, taught performance to children and and adults. He offers advice, provides coaching in a variety of acting techniques and designs course for both actors and non-actors alike to assist with everything from casting and public-speaking preparation to dealing with stage-fright and offering acting training as a means of team-building and improving social and work environments.  Todd is a permanent tutor at The Actor’s Centre in London and also works as a freelance performance coach.


“What To Expect on the Set” is a look at the entire process the average actor goes through after booking the job. In this workshop, we discuss and discover the ins-and-outs of being part of a  professional film/TV crew so that one can arrive to the set, ready to work with confidence. The performance is up to the actor but being confident when arriving to the set and working professionally is a major factor in continuing to get work and being invited back.

Next course set for February 27th 2020 at the Actor’s Center.
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Todd works privately and in groups to provide advice and mentoring for actors of all levels. Enabling them to improve their dramatic and comedic instincts, enhance performances, prepare for auditions and find better acting roles.



A drop in course designed to help you work out your individual acting skills in practice. You will bring one prepared piece to perform before your peers and get feedback from them and the instructor. Then you will perform the piece again based on your notes. Additionaly each actor will recieve a monologue on the day to work on and prepare immediately on the day.


As a former student of the famed Groundlings Improvisational Theatre in Los Angels California, Todd has been teaching improv basics, technique and performance for many years all around Europe. Improv is an amazing tool for connection, not only for performers on stage, but it also translates to great results in all areas of personal relations like work, friends and family.

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One of Todd’s regular improv courses for beginners and non-actors etc. “There’s No I in Improvisation” is an improv course designed specifically to focus on the benefits of improv for improving communication and connection in groups.


For actors and other performers looking to develop an awareness and appreciition of improvisation for stage, castings or just to be a more well-rounded actor, this course prepares one to incorporate the principle benefits of improv training to all aspects of one’s life and work.