Since I was eleven years old and saw a documentary about Steven Speilberg, I knew that I wanted to be a director. I also always understood that I like bossing people around and being respected and feared by those around me. That along with the money made it a win win for me. So, I started directing but unfortunately nobody listens and I don’t make any money.


In 1994 I graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts (emphasis in directing). I originally planned to join the film department and study film directing but alas, circumstances prevented me from getting my film degree. As something of a compromise I took my theatre degree in directing and not acting. During my time at university and since then I have directed a number of theatrical pieces and shows over the years.


coming soon.


I have directed and produced several audio projects over the years including a radio piece in both Slovak and English languages simultaneously. This piece was staged in Prague with multiple sponsors including the US Embassy and the Slovak Institute. The project started as a staged reading and went on to become a radio play that was broadcast in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


I have produced or assisted in the production of a number of projects over the years. Nothing major, but I have worked on music videos, documentaries, short films, radio plays and the like. Not to mention the countless video clips that I individually produced as cameraman and editor. It has been quite a few years since I have put my talents into production but I am kicking around some ideas as of late, and I might work on some personal and/or professional projects in the near future.