My voice over career began nearly 20 years ago when, as a young actor doing theater, commercials and small parts in film and TV, I voiced my first video game.  I found it to be an absolutely thrilling experience. Voice over work is my favorite type of performance and I have had the priveledge of working for many major clients over the years.

In the voice realm I have done everything from corporate to commercial, ADR, dubbing, syncing, animation, radio plays, audiobooks, and narration… if it needs a voice, I have done it On this page you will find a massive archive of VO samples for your consideration and entertainment. I have included paid, professional work and other stuff just for fun. I am constantly updating, adding and improving this page so check back often and feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.

clients past and present



I am represented by Voice Squad in the UK. Please contact Neil Conrich for booking enquiries or use my contact form to reach me directly. You can also find out more about me and my acting work on a variety of online profiles.



My professional home studio has all the necessary space and state-of-the-art equipment to produce content at industry standards.

listen to and download my studio sound floor sample (24bit .WAV) DOWNLOAD


Although I do enjoy going into a professional studio from time to time and working directly with others, I also find myself quite comfortable in my own home studio. I originally set up this multi-use space in late 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It functions for both audio and video production and From this space I have delivered content for dozens of satisfied clients.


equipment list

  • Shure SM7B (microphone)
  • Audio Technica 2020 (microphone)
  • Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 (audio interface)
  • ProTools (software)
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K
  • CPU 3.60GHz
  • Installed RAM: 32.0 GB
  • System type: 64-bit operating system
  • Graphics card: NVIDEA GeForce gtx 1070
  • OS: Windows 11 Home


watch a short clip showing off my home studio here on YouTube.



Below you will find a comprehensive directory of many of my professional voice clips for your consideration. Please sample and if you are interested in booking my services then reference the voice(s) and/or styles which you like. You may contact me directly using my online contact form to discuss any potential cooperation and I will get back to you.


Being that I am born and bred American, it makes North American accents more familiar to me and easier to isolate and duplicate than any others.  I grew up with them, know people or have been somehow immersed in the dialect of the region. There are many, many more accents and dialects in North America than most people (inside or out of America) know. 

California surfer, New York mafia and Southern hick are staples but there is such a wide range, and I am I bit proud to expose a bit more of the variety and subtlety of each accent as best I can. I also do on Canadian.


After having lived in the United Kingdom for over a decade and being a British citizen myself, I am better able to identify and master the very many accents of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and the innumerable dialects within each accent.

Plus, there is so much wrapped into the dialect itself that includes the socia-economic background, class, education, history and identity that you really do want to “get it right” even just out of respect. Here I tried to include a variety of dialects in multiple forms.

ACCENTS European

I try to do a whole range of EU accents without making them sound cliche or trite (although I can do that too!)

Accents are tricky because you want to be subtle but accurate. This is difficult to master until you spend real time in the place and/or with the people from the region.

Most requests for Eastern European accents are generic and sometimes the challenge is to humanize them because there are many Eastern EU accents, each with it’s own dialect. In time I will try to add more.

ACCENTS International

International category, meaning all the accents which don’t fall into the NA, UK or EU categories. So whatver is left over. For now you will find my general Russian accent here for your consideration. In time I will perfect my South African, Australian and maybe a few other more obscure accents and add them to the collection. 


Animation is one of my absolute favorite. I haven’t done as many as I would like to do but really love the variety and drastic departures that it allows for in vocal performance. I have quite a few samples listed here that either represent an emulation, tribute (some might say an “homage”) of an existing, beloved cartoon character and, some are just characters of my own creation.

One of my dreams, of course would be to voice a unique and special animated character that becomes beloved. Heck, that is probably every voice artist’s dream.



Announcers come in many shapes and there are lot of expectations around how an announcer should sound based on long-standing conventions.

However, the modern approach is to keep it light and personable. Most clients are moving away from the strong “movie-trailer” voice and into a more friendly and casual, yet informed vocal style.

In these samples you will find several styles represented. I have also included sports and radio into this broad category to give a range of characteristics. The Skoda reel is actually from a commercial but I did it in the style of an old-timey sports announcer, so that is why you find it here.


Audiobooks represent a specific (or niche) form of voice work. It requires a lot of patience and practice to get good at delivering vast amounts of text within an appropriate time-frame, with consistency but without losing energy, drive or focus. Additionally, there are often many different characters to voice in an audiobook, each requiring a subtle adjustments.

Audiobooks are a little harder to do but in many ways, they more rewarding because of the finished product that results (especially if it is a great book!). Here are a few segments from audiooks that I have done professionally and samples of others which feature a variety in my reading/voice styles.


Commercial work has changed over the years. Today, clients are generally looking for very personable, likeable and natural deliveries. These can be very difficult to pull off overall because it requires a sparkle of life within a contained vocal profile while communicated a subtle message about the value of the product.

I’ve been fortunate to voice some lovely commercials in my time and I am proud of the work. Here you will find samples of both hard and soft, aggressive and passive voices. I am comfortable and confident doing all commercial varieties.


Corporate VO is “bread and butter” work for vocal artists, that is not only great for keeping the lights on but can represent a different kind of performance challenge than other voice work. I’ve done plenty of corporate VO and they usually come in the form of internal, promotional, instructional, or other such videos. The work can sometimes be difficult because you want to bring life to text that can be technically dry or instructional and at the same time capturing the narrative and articulating the points of the project. Here are a few samples where clients were satisfied.

(The ones where clients weren’t happy, I’ve left out).


I don’t do celebrity impersonations per se and, for the most part, you won’t be fooled that these impressions are the real thing but they get one close to the character, rhythm, and vocal quality of these famous personas.

Perhaps it would be best to think of them as “a’la” – as in, voice impression a’la Sean Connery or even “esque”, as in Trump-esque.

Ultimately I am just trying to showcase here how I am able to perform based on a large variety of the world’s most iconic figures/voices.

(plus, they’re just fun to do!)


Narration and documentary work is a pleasure because essentially you are driving the story and are the trusted “friend” of the audience.

It’s a responsibility to be that guide for the audience but you also need to capture the whole tone of the piece all by yourself. Some documentaries have only one voice throughout and you have to hit a lot of very careful beats along the way to support the production of the piece you are narrating.

Think about some of your favorite documentaries and who voiced them and how they did it and how the feeling, resonance and subject of the piece might have changed if someone else had done it differently.


Video game VO has evolved dramatically over the years. There are even awards now for video game VO artists, which is amazing. It seems that in the past, character voices we’re something of an afterthought. Most of the emphasis was on the game play, graphics and all those relevent elements.

Now, the voice acting in video games has become as integral to the production value of the game as any other element. Particularly now that we even see “A List” Hollywood actors doing voices.

Video games essentially come in two forms, first-person shooter/military/war and fantasy role-play. Both are different and interesting. I love my soldiers that I have played but the fantasy characters also have a lot of depth.



Here's a sampling of my voice work that includes the original video clip that my voice was built around.