Me am very much good riter for to make word stuffs…

Just kidding… 

I have excelled at writing ever since I won my first writing award at the age of seven for my seminal piece (at the time), entitled, “My Pet Guienea Pig”, which took first place schoolwide and for which I received the blue ribbon award.

I have put my hand to many genres and styles over the years and have written everything from business plans to scripts and television treatments, children’s books and poetry and have engaged in copywriting, editorial journalism, travel articles, tech manuals and marketing/commercial campaigns, etc. I’ve even got a couple of recorded song credits to my name.


I was proud to be selected in 2019 to collaborate on book series called Transforming Your Life. This series had already produced two Amazon bestsellers in the past and my edition Transforming Your Life III quickly made Amazon’s Best Seller’s book list when it was published in 2021. Which essentially means that I am now a best-selling-author and can use that title freely (which I do and quite liberally, like when I make reservations for a table down the pub, etc.)

I’ve also been professionaly published in several other publications; such as when I worked as a freelance columnist for the Prague Post (English Language Newspaper in Prague).


I hold a Masters Degree in Creative Non-Fiction Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. My emphasis at the time was on travel writing as I was looking for a way to see the world and get paid to do it. The internet and blogging were just starting to take off then as a new medium for publication so I worked in that environment for years. And my thesis project was actually in e-book technology.


I started working as a proofreader and copy editor when I was living in Prague, Czech Republic and began working on translated Czech text for the Czech National Gallery. I have a natural eye for errors and am know grammar rules acording to Oxford and Harvard. I never make a missteak!

"I found Todd to be very reliable and always performed to deadlines and I appreciated his creativity while translating our 'Czenglish' texts into proper English. Most of the documentation used vocabulary specific to the field of analytical chemistry which Todd, though not a chemical scientist himself, adapted to and learned very quickly."

Petr Kohutek

QM Manager